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25 Jan 2010

Long shot

One of the delights of Radio 2, is listening to Janice Long in the wee hours with her droll banter.

Tomasz was on last night, talking about his garden and getting poetic about his fronds. He was also recalling his days as a teenager in Poland, when it used to be -15C by day in winter {i}, and comparing it with our troubles with hibernal weather. However Tomasz was very fair, and used one of my favourite phrases: "It's all relative"! He talked of Dubai, where rain causes disruption.

Fast-foward to 0:45:16
Expires in six days

Mostly it was talk about his 'tropical' garden, Tomasz is a talented gardener as well-- is there nothing he can't do? I reckon he has many hidden talents: Perhaps he's a juggler on the quiet, I can imagine him deftly handling a pair of balls. Maybe he likes going shooting, I can see him firing his weapon into a butt. Or perhaps he likes being a bell-ringer? He'd make a good campanologist.

Most intriguingly, Tomasz revealed he will be back for three more nightlies with Janice this week-- The Schaf hinted he has some interesting things to chat about over the week! Can't wait... he is a "tease" as Janice rightly suggests. Tomasz misbehaving indeed!

Tomasz's own website continues to develop apace of course, he's doing a sterling there. I will soon be redundant on the blogosphere [pensive LOL]

{i} Cue "New World Symphony Number 9" by Antonín Dvořák


  1. Thanks for the link to Tomasz's spot on Janice Long, much appreciated by this Schaffanatic! Loving the Schaf and your blog!

  2. Ah thank you Anonymous... always a pleasure, never a chore!

    Well, how can one not love The Schaf [sigh]. I'm going to have to raise my game now the great man himself has set up his own website!

    But where else do you get videos and audio extracts of the divine one? A lot of Schaffanatics tell me they like the innuendo on this blog, but I don't what they're talking about-- I'm obviously too innocent!

    No Tomasz on Janice Long last night, Jay Wynne instead. However next time I do a blog post, I have a special paranormal treat I've found, that he should like... if nobody else [LOL]

    Many thanks,