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23 Jan 2010

Tomasz's own site-- and what a sight he is!

Some good news, and some bad news today.

First the latter: Tomasz reports on Twitter that he has this weekend off, so no Country Tracks performance from him this Sunday. I shall rectify this with an archive performance later!

I note somebody on Twitter called this site "slightly weird" [sharp intake of breath, chuckle]-- I think post-modern is the term that Tweeter is looking for! What's weird about about worshipping The Schaf hmm? Obliquely he's calling the dozens of Schaffanatics who visit this site, watch his Youtube vids, sigh when he comes on telly and write rightfully complimentary stuff on 'his' Facebook pages weird! Eee, I don't know...

Then again, everybody is somebody's else weirdo. I think we're all weird, because we all have our own quirks and foibles; which means being weird, is being normal. Oof, not thought it through have I?

So the good news! Tomasz has proved how amazing he is once more, by setting up his own website. Feast your eyes on this...

I'm glad to see Tomasz likes Norway {i}-- I have a strong hankering to go there. More impressive is Tomasz's artwork, he really is a talented artist... plus some great photos of Gdansk. Eell we wouldn't expect anything less would we? He is the best thing to come out the Długie Probrzeże, after all.

Plus there's the story of how he become a weather forecast and meteorlogist. Also details of his exercise regime, diet and musical tastes... I let him off for the prominence of R&B [shudders], for the fact he has included Scatman John! {ii}

I'm sure like me, you will be eagerly monitoring Tomasz's site for future developments. It probably mean that fewer will visit this site though [sniff, melancholic chortle]... but who I am to argue with The Schaf

An archive Country Tracks clip, from July 2009. I love the blue shirt, or rather the isobars behind it! Nice hand action and sound effect near the beginning, and he ought to wear those trousers more often too...

Thanks to pj8210 for the video

{i} Great culture, lovely language, rugged/beautiful landscape and rugged/beautiful men... what's not to like eh? God kveld to any folk from Norge who may be reading.
{ii} This will stick in your head for the rest of the week. RIP John...

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