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12 May 2010

Big and beefy

Tomasz was on the BBC News Channel overnight, and for a moment it appeared Tomasz had had a face-transplant with David Cameron!

I like the thought of Tomasz's beefy showers, I'll need cold one after that! I do like his sign-off though, referring to the "folks at the News Channel". Perhaps broadcasting from a ranch, listening to Dolly Parton.

It may feel more like March, but there are signs it mid-spring. I went for a nice drive around the environs of Melton Mowbray and Grantham the other day: The scent of oil-seed, the sight of lush grass verges peppered with cow parsley and woodlands replete with bluebells. As I descended Broughton Hill, a verdant patchwork of fields spread before me, as a swallow dumped on my windscreen. Ah vernal bubolic bliss.

Thanks to Terratec for the video, from 10:57pm last night

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