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16 May 2010

A sprinkling from Tomasz

The highlight from Tomasz's forecasts yesterday, was his description of showers-- talking about "sprinkling" and "treacling"-- those are nice images from The Schaf via his sumptuous voice. I'm pleased to say Tomasz was sporting his lovely sky-blue tie again, complements his equally lovely eyes.

I like how described South Yorkshire as a "golden land". In Carboniferous times that area was a tropical swamp... Barnsley hasn't changed much, other than it's not tropical anymore.

Thanks to Terratec^

Coming up later today, Tomasz grappling with something hot and erupting fluid. I haven't been so excited since Wednesday, when a new series of the Shuttleworths started on Radio 4


  1. Tomasz was very onomatopoeic yesterday! Today, there was a mixture of symbolism with very good linguistic skills!

    Go Tomasz, Go Tomasz, Go Tomasz!

    Best wishes all

  2. Ey up our Matt!

    Such is the magic of our Tomasz, and why he was so deserving of his TRIC award.