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16 May 2010

What a mouthful

Tomasz did something brave today, something lesser mortals wouldn't attempt to do, he trod where other angels would fear tred. Yes, he pronounced "Eyjafjallajökull", not once-- but twice!

Good on you Tomasz! I've often thought he must be talented with his tongue {i}. For those who are interested, the Eyjafjallajökull means "island-moutains-glacier". The volcano takes its name from the glacier it's underneath... or rather was, before the volcano vapourised it!

Despite Tomasz's Facebook concerns about its pronunciation, I think he got it right-- luckily Icelandic is a phonetic language (as opposed to semi-English, like English)Here's the correct pronunciation, as per the BBC website-- or a phonetic transcription

Here's The Schaf in action, check out the smile after the second mention of the volcano...

The other big news, is that warm weather is drifting up from Azores. There's no person better equipped than Tomasz, when it comes to showing an area of high-pressure thrusting up from the south-west.

Sadly (for me), temperatures are set to get to 20C. Not so bad in an air-conditioned office, but I don't like the thought of commuting, sweating like a pregnant nun. Least seeing Tomasz's suit struggling to contain his biceps, cheered me up. Dan Corbett with his picnic-baskets, doesn't quite compare.

{i} He can speak Polish, English, Spanish and German after all

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  1. I'd take Dan and his picnic baskets over two Eyjafjallajökulls any day ;-P