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10 May 2010

I? Sarcastic? Neverrrrr....

The Schaf was in a sarcastic mood today on News At One {ii}, he said that he felt like changing the summary to: "Is it really May?". To such an extent he mistakenly had the date as March 10th-- "certainly feels like March". That's because it's chilly.

For those who like warmer climes, milder temperatures are on the way. Quoth The Schaf: "By the time we hit 20C, we won't know what's hit us; you won't need to go to Dubai, that's for sure!". It's still chilly at the moment though.

At 10:56 Tomasz introduced his broadcast with: "Hot and sunny week on the way-- not!". Is Tomasz like todally turning into a Valley Girl, like ohmigod! {i}. He added that it's unlikely "to get desperately warmer" either. It's chilly dontchakno.

Chilly enough to damage your garden produce in fact... I glad he said pots though.

Blimey the thought of Tomasz, Norwegians, Vikings and blowing got me all flustered. Jon Andresen has lot to answer for... I blame Magne Furuholmen.

Finally on Facebook's Tomasz Schafernaker Appreciation Group a Lucy Morris (nee Walker) posts: "Tom, we love you! I could be really mean and post some photos on here of college days... but I'm not that cruel... wouldn't want to ruin the hot new looks you sport nowadays. Great to see you're so popular mate. Wow, the Tomasz Schafernaker Appreciation Society... I am in awe!!!!!!!!"

Damn right: Although I can't imagine Tomasz being anything other than hot! Sadly some of us don't turn into łabędźie

Thanks to Terratec for the video uploads... Tomasz is so impressed with you, that he's started linked your videos in his Twitter feed!

{i} Sooo 1996, whaddever. Gag me with a spoon!
{ii} Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit-- but it's the funniest.


  1. Tomasz must like my good work if he's linking to them :)

  2. Good work? It's superb work, it's only right The Schaf should recognise it [thumbs up]

  3. Surly and silent, sozzled Sapphist snob10 May 2010 at 16:38

    Curiously enough I saw this forecast of which ye speke. He seems a cheery enough sort of a cove.
    Oh! The Schaf, sir? Oh! "Going to Dubai"? sir? Oh! Oh! What can he mean, sir? Oh!
    Naughty pics from ollege, sir? Youthful frolics, sir? Oh! OH! Besporting yourself, sir? With a handful of close friends, sir? Oh! OH!

  4. He's more than a cheery cove; he's a star, daaaarling, a star.

    Public school fagging sir? Milk race sir? Does it bring back memories of your school days sir? Ooh!