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9 May 2010


After Jon Soppell's show had finished discussing the House of Commons being "hung", it's only fitting that Tomasz followed with his five-day forecast.

He was looking very dapper, with his Gene Hunt-style striped tie. Undoubtedly the highlight for me, was when he was describing a weather front as a "sausage of rain". I must admit I was excited at the thought of Tomasz's moist and large sausage... I'm not wired up right, am I? {i}

On a more serious note, once again Tomasz went the extra mile to explain things in more detail about our weather; telling us about upper-level winds, and how they are effecting our weather (and our aviation industry as well!). Such extra work is why Tomasz richly deserved that TRIC award.

He even managed to get in a mention of Poland, which has been getting temperatures of 20C. I'm glad they've been getting it... once the temperatures get above high teens Celsius, it depresses me. Thankfully His Loveliness always cheers me up.

{i} All this talk about Tomasz and food... back by popular demand...


  1. I just noticed that 'The Schaf' is now linking to Terratec uploads in his own Twitter feed! See here:

    Fame, eh?!


  2. Well spotted Bill. I'm sure our Terratec will most flattered.

    Hasn't linked to this site though [comedy harumph]!