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12 Nov 2010

Have I got news for you

Tomasz got another accolade this week, a mention on Have I Got News For You {i}. The main topic of conversation was the NUJ strike at the BBC, and an aside was *that* report in the Daily Bile about Tomasz's attire-- "causing a storm". Ian Hislop wondered if Tomasz had literally caused a storm (in jest of course).

I'm pleased to say the angle from Jo Brand was to sneer at said paper, rather than His Loveliness. Paul Merton recognised him as the bloke who stuck fingers up onscreen, which precipitated that all-too-familiar clip. Paul charitably suggested he was showing there was a cyclone expected over the Midlands! The others were more passive in their reponse, but they were clearly smirking at the paper and the "outrage". Lovely screengrab of him!

For people in the Uk, there's an extended version of the show this Sunday on BBC2-- we may get more on that! Tomasz Tweeted that he is "honoured" by his mention on the programme-- despite the "story" about his attire.

I like the idea of the new weathergirl at the beginning of HIGNFY. Although Her Majesty was on the set of UTV, which is ITV's franchise in Northern Ireland-- not the BBC's. Not that I'm trying to ruin a good joke or anything.

Should any Daily Mail/Metro readers be reading this, don't watch this Sunday's Country Tracks, you may be treated to shocking scenes such as this:

If you want to be even more outraged, watch Countryfile. You may see Mr dishy Deakin wearing his casuals as well, shlock horror..

Not sure Alex "mah dear" Deakin is on Cfl this week, he's been on Janice Long's show most of this week-- with chatter straight of the Sherrie Hewson book of conversation!

Tomasz is on tomorrow for his usual lunchtime session, and Country Tracks too. I hope he dresses as stunningly as did last Sunday-- ignore what a certain paper says. Tomasz-- you're worth the Licence Fee alone!

{i} For those outside the UK, Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY) is popular long-running satirical show, that has been on BBC since 1990. It features Private Eye editor Ian Hislop and surreal comedian Paul Merton. They are joined by a guest chairperson, and a guest panelist each (often a comedian, journalist, actor or politician)

The show is just for laughs, and the quizshow style is really to give it structure and a device for banter between knowledgeable Hislop and wisecracking Merton.

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