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10 Nov 2010

Under the radar

Tomasz has been doing the overnight shift for the past couple of days-- but I regret to say I don't have much to show for it!

PS: He was on BBC Radio Jersey, 1:47:29 with nippy trossachs. Don't moan about it being chilly! Pants-- nothing dreary about Tomasz though.

He wasn't on Janice Long's show, nor the Shipping Forecast and he didn't do the News Channel-- so no footage or i-player links for those. However I'm grateful to my wonderful Canadian readers, for pointing out he was on BBC World instead. He was lumbered with the unfortunate task of talking about Hurricane Tomas! He did manage a cute smile about the name; although not much levity beyond that, considering damage it has caused in Haiti and environs.

It's nice to see The Schaf has such a following in Canada. I get a percentage breakdown of visitors through Statcounter, in terms of countries. The UK gets ~85%, but Canada is always in second place. Canadians clearly have good taste-- perhaps Tomasz should do a special tour of honour there!

The USA is in third place. I know that's one of his favourite resorts (especially Florida), he has a following in that state for sure! Unsurprisingly Poland is fourth, a strong cluster of fans in a little fishing village called Gdansk (you may have heard of it). Poles I know here in the UK adore Tomasz too-- darn right as well.

Despite the Daily Mould and its sister rag the Metcole, this blog gets ~100 visitors a day. I doubt that's owing to my spellbinding writing {i}, but more to with the popularity of His Loveliness. A special mention must go to this letter in the Metro today

I think that deserves a
I don't know if you'll read this Scott, but a huge thanks for that text, you're a star-- hit the nail on the head.

He does indeed always look awesome. Putting Tomasz's excellent forecasting/presenting aside, Tomasz reminds me of a John Andresen model{ii}. Perhaps why Tomasz likes Norway so much, he fits in so well! Shame I don't get more Norsk readers though...

Anyway I have sources at the BBC, and I know Tomasz is well-liked there-- so I hope the BBC keeps him onscreen in some capacity. Maybe Strictly for Tomasz next year? Instead we got Victoria Wood and the Robbins clan's friend instead...

{i} No sniggering at the back
{ii} Nothing hardcore, but not "work safe" either. Although Mr Adresen's repetoire is male athletes in Norway, he is a fan of Tomasz, he's emailed me! Another photoshoot beckons perhaps [haha], maybe Tim Reed ought to contact ... in our dreams

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