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13 Nov 2010

Pausing for Tomasz

The Schaf is so worthy of worship, that Maxane Mawhinney "paused" for a weather update from His Loveliness. He was looking classy today; in a snazzy blue-and-white tie, a neat layer of stubble and a suit clinging to his biceps. More impressive was Tomasz's array of hand and finger movements to demonstrate weather-patterns, I can just imagining Tomasz hand-jiving.

And another one from Terratec (you're just too good!). Tomasz didn't squint hard enough at his feedback; almost mistook Wales for Northern Ireland, so he did. Not to worry, we are hearing the return of Tomasz's favourite word for autumn/winter-- it's "chilly" out.

Extended Have I Got News For You tonight, I hope to be getting it onto Youtube with the very kind assistance of Terratec (paint him Deputy Chief Shaffanatic).

A warning for tomorrow though (!), from His Loveliness

‎On Country Tracks or Weather For The Week Ahead this weekend...standard clothes (approved by BBC) for that particular weather always.

Yes, quite right: Dinner jacket, and don't show too much neck either. Can't be reminding jealous blokes and assorted Angry of Mayfairs, what a stunning physique you have Tomasz.

As it happens, there is no Country Tracks tomorrow, because of Rememberance Sunday celebrations: So I imagine Tomasz will appear before Formula 1, to give us the five-day forecast in his suit and tie. Well we can't have the Daily Mail having another thromby, can we. They'll be calling for him to wear a mask next.

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