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14 Nov 2010

Shroud of cloud

Tomasz came out with a nice slice of poetry (confer today's blog title), almost as jaunty as the pink-striped tie he was sporting. Otherwise a routine (and of course "chilly") day, not much of His Loveliness; the Chandlers release from their hostage ordeal, dominated the News Channel.

I was expecting a five-day forecast before Forumala One, but it didn't eventuate. I have managed to upload Tomasz's Have I Got News For You appearance, an embedded video has supplanted the i-player link on Friday's blog. Many thanks to Terratec, for that.

After Gordon Rasmay's descent into oblivion, perhaps Tomasz could do a cookery show to keep him on our screens? Better than Nigella Lawson licking her utensils, or Ainsley Harriot with his Percy Pepper.

Team The Schaf up with Rustie Lee... I don't care what anyone says, she'll be always be the best telly chef for me! Tomasz would make a great double-act with Rustie... if this happened with Les Dawson, imagine what magic we'd get with Tomasz?
Rustie Lee with Les Dawson, make sure you press play

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